the wheels on the bus

ImageI am obsessed with vintage trailers and tiny houses.  Throw in my love for renovation, and I am convinced, despite all evidence to the contrary, that I could cheerfully live in 100 square feet of adorableness (is that a word?) that my man and I built with our bare hands.

People like Mike and Natalie Young feed this delusion by doing just that.  I love them!  They have created a cozy little 300 square foot home out of a schoolbus.  Lack of curtains aside, this is fairly awesome.

I need a project like this…  so dang cute.


all-day-sauce… and meatballs

sauce polaroidI don’t know who Mama Iuliucci is, but I would like to adopt her as my own (I love you, Mom, but this sauce makes you forget your allegiances).  Hers is the recipe I use for the both sauce and meatballs when it’s “All Day Sauce Day” at the Chickadee household.

Today is that magical day, and the smells wafting through the house make me happy to be alive!  I’m pretty sure angels are singing.  It would be selfish of me not to share the joy of walking into a house that smells like this, so here goes.

My adaptations –

  • for two (with tons of freezable leftovers)
  • keeping it light(er)
  • with no added salt (the canned tomatoes have enough)
  • in a crockpot…

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grilled salmon and strawberry avocado salad

salmon polaroidCooking is one of the true joys of my life.  I was so happy to get married, because it gave me an outlet for all of my culinary creativity!

I tend to favor easy-to-make, comfort food-y goodness, but The Greek’s doctor told him he has to lose a few pounds in order to avoid diabetes.  (Or “the sugar diabeetus”, as my mother likes to call it.  She channels her country ancestors sometimes… a little holy water sprinkled around, and she’s fine.)

So anyway, we’re cutting back on the cakes and pies and breads (oh my!) lately in an attempt to keep the forces of darkness at bay.

Even though cooking for two is easier than for one, I often end up tossing leftover meats into the freezer for later use.  This week is a “cleaning out the freezer” week, which means I’m pretty set for meats and need to only focus on the side dishes…. quite a budget helper!

This grilled salmon recipe is great, because it uses things I already have on hand.   Continue reading