savings for the average girl

I don’t gamble, so probably nothing will approach that “gambler’s rush” for me more than finding a great bargain! I am not an extreme couponer but have been known to take the suggestions of women far wiser and better organized than I (shoutout to Money Saving Mom!) to get some spectacular deals. bargainshopper

But what’s an average, busy gal supposed to do when she needs say, laundry detergent, and there are no steals to be found?   Sometimes, running around town to save a couple dollars is not the best use of time or energy.

A big time, stress and money saver for me has proven to be shopping online at Walmart.  With their Ship to Home option, you only need to spend $45 to have everything shipped right to your door.  For free!

Free. (if I knew how to make that dance and sparkle, I totally would)

Ship to Home will change your life, folks.

No more lugging big jugs of laundry detergent and fabric softener out of the car past your barking, jumping, ill-behaved dog who is thrilled you’re home, while the cat makes a mad dash for freedom (not that I would know anything about that).  No more wrapping your arms around huge packages of toilet paper or paper towels, trying to unlock the door while a crazed rapist targets you.  (Am I the only one who worries about this?)  It’s so much easier to just have it all shipped right to your door.

Besides, who doesn’t like getting packages?  It’s like Christmas every few months here!

I have comparison-shopped on, my other go-to for great deals, and the unit prices are comparable.   All prices being equal, I prefer not to (read: refuse to) pay for shipping.  You could sign up for the Prime Amazon membership ($79/year), but why spend extra if you don’t have to?  (Some vendors on Amazon do offer free Super Saver Shipping for orders over $25, but it can be hard to fill out your cart when you just need to spend a couple dollars more to qualify for the free shipping.  Plus, shipping is super slow, like, 3 -5 business days.)

As a bonus, Walmart exclusively sells two of the three top-rated brands of toilet paper, White Cloud (#1) and Great Value Ultra Strong (#3)!  It never goes bad, so it makes an ideal “cart stuffer”, should the need arise.

An example
Based on a Consumer’s Report recommendation for single-use laundry pods, we buy Tide Pods.  (As an aside, the top pick was Costco’s Kirkland brand laundry pacs. We did not have Costco up North, but now that we’re within a few miles of one, I may give membership a try. I’m not convinced those mega stores work well for just two people, however.  That is a story for another day.) price – $18.99 for a 77 count ($0.25 each) price – $17.97 for a 72 count ($0.25 each)

The convenience of having everything shipped from one vendor (quickly!)  and having it all arrive at the same time, together with their highly-rated t.p. makes a no-brainer for me.

Go forth and shop, my friends…


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