adventures in freezer cooking – manicotti, chili and french dip edition

Take it from me – you’re going to want to freeze your stuffed manicotti individually and then stack them… or your freezer will end up looking like a crime scene.  I stacked all the pretty little foil packages immediately, which just smooshed the bottom one, leaking sauce everywhere.

Then it was a mad dash, flinging popsicles to the left and frozen pork tenderloins to the right, making room for all the casseroles to lay flat (and to clean everything up).  Good times.

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feta and spinach lasagna rolls

fetaI’ve been interested in freezer cooking since trying it successfully a few months ago, so I snapped up this book called Fix, Freeze, Feast when I saw it at the library.  It’s targeted to people who shop in bulk at large warehouse stores, but the first reviewer on Amazon is in a two-person household too and just cuts the recipes in half.  Sold!  (Seriously… I’ll probably buy this book now)

My own efforts to cut a recipe down to size were a little less than perfect but still delicious.  The Feta and Spinach Lasagna Rolls caught my eye, and the recipe was set up to make 3 entrees.  I was only interested in making 1 entree, so you’d think it would be easy to cut all the amounts in thirds.

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Greek-inspired lentil and couscous salad

lentilsaladI love lentils.  They’re cheap, easy to make, a great source of fiber, fat-free and chock full of vitamins and minerals (including iron!).

It is, however, a sad truth that lentils aren’t terribly sexy.

They’re the food equivalent of that guy with a great personality you want to set up your bff with, but she’s having none of it, based solely on his Facebook photos.


I’ll tell you what I’d tell her – Don’t be shallow and miss out on something great. 🙂 Continue reading

steamed asparagus and zombies


I’m cleaning out the freezer this week, because it’s chock full of leftovers and freezer meals all ready to pop into the crockpot… and I, frankly, need a break after all that planning from the Food Stamp Challenge last month.

I’m totally winging it and realized late yesterday that we don’t have any side dishes.  Whoops.  So early this morning, between walking the dog and The Scorching Time, I hied down to the Super Walmart to grab some potatoes and vegetables for the week.  It’s a peaceful walk and gives me time to catch up on my podcasts.

There is a 4-lane road to cross on the walk home, abandoned at 8:30 a.m..  I couldn’t even hear any noise from the main road, about half a mile away, and as I looked down a the grass growing between the cracks in the pavement, I felt like the last person alive.

In the zombie apocalypse.

Out in the open.

Visions of the 2004 remake of “Dawn of the Dead” flashed into my head.  A typical suburban development, blood covered monsters jumping through windows and running (they can run!) after fleeing, shrieking innocents.  Could I survive, with my hands full of grocery bags and my hearing earbud dulled?  Nope, I’d be a fresh meal.

But it reminded me that one of my absolutely favorite shows, “The Walking Dead”, premieres this weekend.  I cannot wait!