chicken with lemon and olives, lentils and rice… and yogurt-mint sauce

Tomorrow is The Greek’s birthday, and I’m busy today getting together his favorite meal so that we can go out and enjoy the day, come home and just pop the lasagna in the oven.  (It’s smelling yummy in here already!)

What this means is that I don’t have a lot of time to blog today about last night’s meal… but I’m hoping to tempt you into making this feast  with a picture. 🙂  It was so incredibly good.  Ladle some of the chicken sauce over your rice lentils and rice, top with a little of the yogurt mint sauce, and -oh my lawd!- that’s delicious.

Mediterranean cuisine rocks!  The Jewish-Syrian “yogurt mint sauce” is essentially the same as Greek “tzatziki” – yogurt, mint and cucumbers (with some regional differences in the spices added).  I love how that works… we’re all united by food.

And now I’ve gotta run and take the sauce off the heat and get started on some strawberry filling for my man’s cake… happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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