salmon patties with broccoli salad

This was a meal of bravery for me, because I haven’t historically been all that fond of canned salmon and have never had broccoli salad.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, by how great the salmon patties tasted (not overly “fishy”) and how well the broccoli complemented the fish.

The broccoli salad was creamy, sweet and tangy and very similar to a cole slaw, which is a famous side for fish.  All in all, a great meal!

The original recipes can be found here and here.

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chicken roasted lowwwww and slowwwww

chickenThis slow-roasted chicken is a perfect Sunday meal, easy and delicious.  It’s not quite hands-off, but the preparation and basting time are well-worth the effort!

I went on a hunt for one of those grocery store rotisserie chickens to make my Saturday easier, but when I saw that they were $9, I decided to bring home a whole roaster (for less than $5) and do it myself for Sunday dinner instead.

We’ve made this recipe before, so I knew how fantastic it is.  I’ve tweaked the recipe slightly over the years, so please try the original if it looks like it’s up your alley.

You are supposed to baste the chicken every half hour after the first hour, but I’ve found that it generally takes a couple hours for the chicken to release any broth… so you can actually leave this unattended for a bit (to go to church, for instance).

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adventures in freezer cooking – chicken edition

chkn collageDay One was spent on the Basic Red Sauce recipes and Day Two was all  of the chicken recipes, a natural division.  The most difficult part of Day Two of freezer cooking was waiting for all the various parts to cool prior to placing in the freezer bags. Continue reading

adventures in freezer cooking – manicotti, chili and french dip edition

Take it from me – you’re going to want to freeze your stuffed manicotti individually and then stack them… or your freezer will end up looking like a crime scene.  I stacked all the pretty little foil packages immediately, which just smooshed the bottom one, leaking sauce everywhere.

Then it was a mad dash, flinging popsicles to the left and frozen pork tenderloins to the right, making room for all the casseroles to lay flat (and to clean everything up).  Good times.

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feta and spinach lasagna rolls

fetaI’ve been interested in freezer cooking since trying it successfully a few months ago, so I snapped up this book called Fix, Freeze, Feast when I saw it at the library.  It’s targeted to people who shop in bulk at large warehouse stores, but the first reviewer on Amazon is in a two-person household too and just cuts the recipes in half.  Sold!  (Seriously… I’ll probably buy this book now)

My own efforts to cut a recipe down to size were a little less than perfect but still delicious.  The Feta and Spinach Lasagna Rolls caught my eye, and the recipe was set up to make 3 entrees.  I was only interested in making 1 entree, so you’d think it would be easy to cut all the amounts in thirds.

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chicken with lemon and olives, lentils and rice… and yogurt-mint sauce

Tomorrow is The Greek’s birthday, and I’m busy today getting together his favorite meal so that we can go out and enjoy the day, come home and just pop the lasagna in the oven.  (It’s smelling yummy in here already!)

What this means is that I don’t have a lot of time to blog today about last night’s meal… but I’m hoping to tempt you into making this feast  with a picture. 🙂  It was so incredibly good.  Ladle some of the chicken sauce over your rice lentils and rice, top with a little of the yogurt mint sauce, and -oh my lawd!- that’s delicious.

Mediterranean cuisine rocks!  The Jewish-Syrian “yogurt mint sauce” is essentially the same as Greek “tzatziki” – yogurt, mint and cucumbers (with some regional differences in the spices added).  I love how that works… we’re all united by food.

And now I’ve gotta run and take the sauce off the heat and get started on some strawberry filling for my man’s cake… happy Friday and have a great weekend!