(dried) black beans and rice

So there’s a big ol’ football game on now (Florida State versus Auburn, The Greek tells me), and to save myself from slipping into a coma, I’ve decided to blog about our dinner tonight instead.

Much more interesting topic! ūüôā

I cobbled together three separate recipes into one delicious little concoction and am writing about it so that I remember how to make it again. ¬†Not sure if it tastes like authentic Cuban rice and beans, but my husband gave it a 9 out of 10… and that’s enough for me!

This made approximately 147 servings… or 6… or 8. ¬†Something like that. ¬†It was a big pot. ¬†That’s all I know. Continue reading


margarita grilled tilapia with cilantro black beans and rice

I luuuurve Chili’s (restaurant) Margarita Grilled Chicken, so when I found this recipe¬†for Margarita Grilled Tilapia, I got excited. ¬†Honestly, it tastes nothing like the restaurant version… but it is pretty fantastic in its own right.

What goes together better than margaritas and Mexican food?  Nothing!  So I scoured the interwebs for a black bean recipe that would fit the bill and came up with this recipe for Cilantro Black Beans.

The marinade contains some tequila, but you could skip it if you’re not a fan of alcohol. ¬†There is plenty of flavor in there without it. ¬†The lime juice cuts down on the “fishy” smell but will start to “cook” the tilapia if it’s left in the marinade too long, so try not to keep it in for more than half an hour. Continue reading

Cuban black beans and rice

I’m constantly on the lookout for easy, frugal, delicious and healthy recipes that my “meat-and-potatoes” man will actually eat.

I’m also trying to sneak more vegetarian meals into the mix (once or twice a week), and this Cuban Black Beans and Rice recipe was perfect on all fronts

  • it cost less than $3, since we already had everything but the beans and pepper on hand
  • it was as easy to prepare as sauteeing the onions and peppers and opening some cans
  • it was meat-free and spicy enough to keep things interesting!
  • The Greek loved it!

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easy mexican chicken and beans

Okay, so this meal used a lot more than 4 ingredients, because I used every single optional ingredient possible.  Do I regret my lying ways?  Heck no!  091213mexican

It was delicious!  And messy!  Consider yourselves warned.

Perhaps those of you with babies would be better at swaddling all the delicious filling into neat little wraps, but I ended up with sour cream all over my hands and The Greek’s nickname last night was Salsa Beard.

It wasn’t pretty… but it was totally worth it.

I suggest you either brush up on your burrito skills or use a knife and fork, all civilized-like.

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