salmon patties with broccoli salad

This was a meal of bravery for me, because I haven’t historically been all that fond of canned salmon and have never had broccoli salad.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, by how great the salmon patties tasted (not overly “fishy”) and how well the broccoli complemented the fish.

The broccoli salad was creamy, sweet and tangy and very similar to a cole slaw, which is a famous side for fish.  All in all, a great meal!

The original recipes can be found here and here.

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adventures in freezer cooking – chicken edition

chkn collageDay One was spent on the Basic Red Sauce recipes and Day Two was all  of the chicken recipes, a natural division.  The most difficult part of Day Two of freezer cooking was waiting for all the various parts to cool prior to placing in the freezer bags. Continue reading