salmon patties with broccoli salad

This was a meal of bravery for me, because I haven’t historically been all that fond of canned salmon and have never had broccoli salad.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, by how great the salmon patties tasted (not overly “fishy”) and how well the broccoli complemented the fish.

The broccoli salad was creamy, sweet and tangy and very similar to a cole slaw, which is a famous side for fish.  All in all, a great meal!

The original recipes can be found here and here.

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Greek-inspired lentil and couscous salad

lentilsaladI love lentils.  They’re cheap, easy to make, a great source of fiber, fat-free and chock full of vitamins and minerals (including iron!).

It is, however, a sad truth that lentils aren’t terribly sexy.

They’re the food equivalent of that guy with a great personality you want to set up your bff with, but she’s having none of it, based solely on his Facebook photos.


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grilled salmon and strawberry avocado salad

salmon polaroidCooking is one of the true joys of my life.  I was so happy to get married, because it gave me an outlet for all of my culinary creativity!

I tend to favor easy-to-make, comfort food-y goodness, but The Greek’s doctor told him he has to lose a few pounds in order to avoid diabetes.  (Or “the sugar diabeetus”, as my mother likes to call it.  She channels her country ancestors sometimes… a little holy water sprinkled around, and she’s fine.)

So anyway, we’re cutting back on the cakes and pies and breads (oh my!) lately in an attempt to keep the forces of darkness at bay.

Even though cooking for two is easier than for one, I often end up tossing leftover meats into the freezer for later use.  This week is a “cleaning out the freezer” week, which means I’m pretty set for meats and need to only focus on the side dishes…. quite a budget helper!

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