spicy no-noodle lasagna

This is  a great recipe if you’re following a low-carb diet or simply want to eat a little healthier.  I originally found the recipe when we were trying the Paleo diet but never made it until now.  The author called it “Paleasagna“.  I’m not sure her recipe (which used goat cheese) strictly qualifies, but I’m not the Paleo Police and will issue no tickets. 🙂

The Paleo diet, for those who don’t know, harkens back to our ancient ancestors and is very meat-centric.  The theory is that our bodies are designed to eat what cavemen ate, and all the changes since the agricultural revolution have only hurt us.  It eliminates all processed foods (butter, sugar, grains, starchy vegetables such as corn and potatoes, legumes, etc.) and focuses on (free range) meats, natural oils (such as coconut) and fruits and vegetables.

Most paleo-dieters don’t eat dairy (cavemen didn’t keep cows), so I’m not sure if a true lasagna is ever possible for the devout.  I am not devout.  I fell off the Paleo wagon a while back, but you really can’t go wrong minimizing your pasta and maximizing your vegetable intake.   Continue reading


turkey and corn enchilada casserole

We love us some Mexican/Southwest-inspired meals, so I was pretty happy to have found this recipe on a week when we have sooo much ground turkey laying around.  We’re supposed to use only half of a pound of the ground turkey (saving the other for another day), but I just went ahead and used the other half too… just add a bit more chili powder and cumin to make sure it isn’t bland.

NOTE: This was the second meal using this particular cookbook, and unless you are cooking for hungry men and teenagers, these 9 x 13″ casseroles make more than 4 servings – more like 6 – 8 servings.  For both of them, I’ve ended up putting 2 servings into the freezer to eat on the weekend… great for the money-saving aspect, but that sucker’s already full.  It’s so bizarre to have so much food spending so little – I feel like we’re having a little “loaves and fishes” miracle, like my food is multiplying!  A great “problem” to have, but I was not prepared for that.  I need more freezer-safe storage containers!

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meat and potatoes casserole

092313 meat and potatoes

So last night was our first night of Turkey Week (as I’ve come to call it).  I was expecting this casserole to be about as good/bad as the casserole from last Monday, but it was actually pretty tasty.

It is much better if you mix it all up on your plate rather than eating each ingredient separately… get yourself a good forkful there!

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